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“My music is a celebration of life and humanity, with all its ups and downs” – Cliff Odum.

Cliff was 11 years old when he both composed and recorded his first song “Yeah 2011” in his friend’s basement. It was an absolute fail. However, a fail that changed his life entirely. The following shit storm was hard as f**k and even effected his personal relationships but also changed his mindset to a whole new level. That is, showing the world what he can do to make a change.

In 2013, his music school helped him record and release a German song called “Frieden für die ganze Welt” (literally translated: peace for the whole world). With this song alone, he gathered a total of 600Euro worth of donations for his mother’s project which supports orphans in her hometown in Nigeria. Equality for everyone in the world has always been an important issue that drove 14-year old Cliff to engage in local politics. His focus shifted from music to political participation respectively.

Between years 2013 and 2016, he released another eight songs, each composed and produced solely by himself, seemingly feeding his haters more than his wallet. Quite a depressing feeling for a young boy chasing his dreams.

Finally, in 2017, everything changed. The world was in a “fidged spinner hype” and the meanwhile 17-year old Cliff recorded a little freestyle about it. This freestyle changed the view on Cliff as an artist and seemed to make listener to start taking him serious. He then released his first semi-professional music clip, produced by Klaus Uhlenbrock. The movie maker and author has been supporting Cliff’s productions ever since. “Baby du, baby du, baby du, baby du, baby du siehst so gut aus“ were the catchy lyrics that made him a local hero. The first step to his ultimate goal was done and the next one followed by releasing the song “Handy Whack!”. The professional video production from Johanna Schelp made it become a little breakout for him. Both magazines and newpapers reported about Cliff’s song which he produced in the back of his room at home by himself. One of these was “HipHop.de”, Germany’s biggest HipHop magazine, praising him as a newcomer the people should absolutely bookmark. This attention led the management “Road to Fame” to sign the young artist in 2018, where he released his first EP “Cosmos”. Ever since then, certain complications between him and people from the music industrie stopped him from releasing more contents.